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Slik Photos brings photographers together to securely collaborate on photos,
with end-to-end encryption
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Slik Photos Encrypted Photo Sharing


End-to-end Encryption for all your photos.

No one except you can view or use your photos.
You retain all copyrights and permissions.
Encrypted Backups
Access Controls
Slik backs up your photos with end-to-end encryption. Your photos are secure even when shared with your friends, or clients. Only the people that you explicitly allow can view your photos.


Every interaction on Slik takes less than 100ms.

Search through all your photos by EXIF, Date, location, automatically extracted tags and more.

Works with all file types, including raw photos, .CR2, .NEF, etc.
Blazing Fast
Works with all file formats. Those RAW photos too.
Every interaction < 100ms
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Pin notes to a pixel to collaborate with your editors and team. Securely share selected photos and albums with clients directly from the app.
Work Together in teams
One Click Share
Sync across Multiple Devices
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Slik Photos Encrypted Photo Sharing
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Slik Photos Encrypted Photo Sharing