Slik Photos Security

We started Slik Photos with the sole purpose of securing our own photos and possibly sharing them with our family. We even derived the name from "Securely Backup", which eventually became Slik in short.

Photos generally contain some of our most personal moments, and an end-to-encryption model for simply backing up or sharing photos sounded very attractive to us. This way the photos would be encrypted before they left the device, while being encrypted using a code that the user provided.

With end-to-end photo encryption, your photos are protected from falling into the wrong hands. They are also protected from being analyzed or processed without your knowledge.

Photo Backup

Photos that you add to Slik are encrypted before backing up to the cloud and replicated across multiple regions around the world. This protects your photos from any data loss and provides multiple redundancies in case any one data replica gets corrupted.

Support for Multiple Devices

Photos that you add to Slik can be viewed across multiple mobile and desktop devices. We currently support iOS, and macOS devices only. However, we would soon roll out support for Android devices, and multiple web browsers.

Photo Sharing

You can invite your friends to an event or album by adding their contact info and sharing the passcode card, as shown below via a secure messaging app, like Signal.

To access the shared photos, they would need to enter the secure code shown below. Do remember that this shared passcode is required only the first time you share your photos. Subsequently, they'll be able to view or contribute to your event or album, as their own. They would however need their own personal passcode to enter the app.

You're Always In Control

As a Slik user, your photos are always behind your unique passcode. So no one can analyze them, use them or profile you. They're yours and yours alone. Your photos are shared with people, only if you explicitly invite them. Also, you see photos from people, only when you accept an invite from them. This helps you keep your timeline of photos clean and in-control.

Why Photo Privacy & Photo Security?

A hand protecting security of photos.

Share Securely

Slik Photos lets you securely share your photos, with friends and family. They are encrypted using a unique passcode, that only you and your friend know.

A green lock on mobile screen to show on device photo encryption.

Encrypted On Your Devices

All your photos are encrypted on your client device. Mobile or desktop, your photos never leave your device without being encrypted.

A security shield with lock to show only the person with key has access to data. No backdoors.

No Backdoors

Since all your photos are encrypted on your device, there is no way for us at Slik Photos to access them ever. Even if we wanted, we could never access them.

A locked harddisk to show all photo backup are encrypted by Slik Photos

Encrypted Backups

Photos take up space, and we understand that you cannot store all your photos on the device always. Thus, we encrypt your photos securely before backing them up on the cloud.

A desktop screen and mobile device to show all photos synced on all your devices by Slik Photos.

Multiple Devices

Your photos are encrypted and kept safely on the cloud, which can be accessed on any of your devices via the Slik mobile and desktop apps.

Request Invite

We're working hard to make Slik available to people all around the world, but for now you need an invite. You can request invite here, or request one from an existing user.