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Resources on how photographers can safeguard their photos and protect sensitive information. Also, covers tips on how to store various image formats, what mode to shoot photos in.

Photos and how they are shared can present risks to the people and sensitive information that is captured in them. On-device photo encryption helps ensure the privacy of people and the security of sensitive information.

With end-to-end photo encryption, no one can access your photos other than you. Since only the user has keys to access the original photos. This protects you from bad actors, and various attacks like — ransomware attacks.

May 23, 2021

Redacting photos on the go: An in-field guide

In the case of Instagram filters, that platform owner is Facebook, which has a dedicated portal to serve requests for…

A group of people standing wearing Guy Fawkes mask and black tshirt

Great read on what is photo security and what can photographers do to safeguard themselves and their data. The article shares some great tips on how photojournalists can assess the risk based on the country they are going to and how they can best secure their data.

Some basic steps can definitely be employed such as using strong passwords, 2-factor auth, enabling privacy settings, using secure apps. So that photographers are ready to go and do not have to worry about building their own systems for security, photo encryption app such as Slik Photos has these capabilities built into the system.

May 23, 2021

Every photographer needs to be thinking about digital security

What it is, what it means and what photographers can do to safeguard themselves, their data and their associates

A group of USBs, memory cards lying together on a gray background

Concise definitions of raw and jpeg photos and when you should photographers prefer to use one over the other. If you do choose to use RAW photos for backups, most of the issues mentioned here can be easily resolved with existing software.

Some issues such as ensuring raw format compatibility, easy sharing across users, preview photos, etc. can be easily handled by Slik photos.

May 23, 2021

RAW vs JPEG - Which Image Format is Better and Why

The topic of RAW vs JPEG image format is one of the never-ending debates in photography. Some photographers say shoot…

A beautiful photo of nature with rounded rock formation near wet sand on a beach in New Zealand.

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