End-to-end Encryption.

Photo Backup & Sharing.

Slik makes it extremely simple to securely back up your photos and share them with end-to-end encryption.

Securely Backup

One App. Boundless Possibilities.

Zero Knowledge Encryption

Slik -  Zero knowledge encryption
Your intimate, personal, and family photos are all encrypted on your device. No one, except people you share the access code with, can view your photos.
Supports Raw Images

Slik -  Supports Raw Images
We support all professional camera image formats, CR2, NEF, HEIC, and more. You can directly import your raw images, and not worry about losing them. Ever.
Lots of Plugins

Slik -  Lots of plugins
We have a variety of plugins, also knows as Apps in Slik. You can run these apps on all or some of your photos, like watermarking, resizing, custom filters, and more.
Blazing Fast Search

Slik -  Fast search
You can always search your photos and albums by location, time, tags, camera metadata, etc.Your intimate, personal and family photos are all encrypted on your device.

Privacy isn't a privilege. 

It's a necessity.

When you keep your data on the servers of a company, people can access it. They might choose to not do it often, but they might - say because of a hack. 

We believe, all your photos and ours, need to be stored securely so that even if someone made it their life's mission, they wouldn't be able to access it. It is not easy to do so, but it is needed. 

You do not want to wait till your photos get hacked, or are targeted fitness ads because you had an ice-cream last night. We're glad you're here. 

Join us today in making your personal life, private and secure!

Arpit Agarwal

Previously at Google, FB,

Sunshine, Beepi.

UIUC & BITS Pilani alum.

Siebel Scholar. 

Charvi Mittal

Data Scientist at Waymo.

Helped launch the 

first fully self-driving car.

UT Austin alum. 

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