Simple. Secure. Automatic.

Simply add photos to Slik with a single tap, or enable auto backups and Slik automatically imports your latest photos. Before uploading we encrypt your photos with your secret key, on your device.

Animation that showcases the Slik Photos mobile app. Simple, Fast, and Secure.
Share With Friends, via QR Code

With Slik, simply scan a QR code to join an album or share one with your close ones. It's quick, it's easy, and it's fun.

Slik Photos - Easily share photos with friends by simply scanning a QR code. Everything still remains end to end encrypted.
Always In Sync

With Slik on mobile and desktop, your photos are always in sync across all your devices*. So, you can view or share them from where it is most convenient for you.

Slik Photos - Screenshot of Slik Photos mobile and desktop app to show that your photos always remain in sync.

*Currently available on iOS and macOS devices. Windows and Android coming soon.

Photos, Videos,
LivePhotos, and more

With Slik you have a backup of all your original photos, videos, and live photos. Specially your live photos, look the same across all your devices.

Slik Photos - Screenshot of Slik Photos gallery to show you can view photos, videos and live photos as part of your gallery.
Privacy Preserving Search

Search your favorite moments over the years with a simple search through time, location or say a "white dress on the beach". Slik uses the power of on device processing to give you privacy preserving search results.

Slik Photos - Screenshot of Slik Photos mobile and desktop app to how you can search for your favorite photos on device with privacy preserving search results.
Affordable Plans

With plans starting at as low as $0.99/- for 75GB, Slik offers industry wide lowest plans to all users worldwide.
Join us today, and make your lives a little more private.

Slik Photos - You can quickly start uploading your photos with payment plans starting at only $0.99/month
Geo Replicated Storage

All your photos are distributed globally with replicas that are stored at least hundreds of miles apart. So that your precious moments are protected against natural disasters and other unforeseen issues.

Slik Photos - A map of the world showing how your data is distributed all across the globe to maintain replicability and ability to recover data from anywhere.

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