In the Slik Photos study room, we share educational pieces of information that could shed some light on the importance of data privacy and security in the current day and age.

An image with pink background and colorful bars to depict infographics for Slik Photos Encrypted Photo Sharing

Short strips that quickly explain why photo privacy and photo security are important.

A man sorting through folders with private photos

Articles highlighting how photo privacy is the most important issue today. Interesting analysis on how people feel about photo security and profiling across the internet.

A woman photographer with yellow background taking a photo

Resources on how photographers can safeguard their photos and protect sensitive information. Also, covers tips on how to store various image formats, what mode to shoot photos in.

A mother holding a toddler in her arms and smiling while watching photos on laptop

Articles highlighting how parents can ensure the safety of their kid’s photos and risks associated with online sharing of their photos. Covers studies on how children want their privacy to be protected online.

A mother with a young daughter and a laptop in front of them. Mother guiding and helping daughter who looks upset while looking at her laptop screen.

Collection of resources to understand what cyberbullying is, how to identify it, ways to combat it together.

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