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Collection of resources to understand what cyberbullying is, how to identify it, ways to combat it together.

About ~80% of respondents in this study experienced some form of cyberbullying which had a great impact on their life. To even combat this problem, it's important for both teenagers and adults to understand different forms of cyberbullying and when they are end targets.

May 23, 2021

Is Cyber Bullying More Than Just Mean Kids On Social Media?

Whilst there are many definitions out there, to me cyberbullying is any form of communication that is aimed at hurting…

A keyboard with 2 balls. White ball shows a grinning smiley and the yellow ball shows a sad smiley.

This article covers steps you can take online while sharing photos to reduce the risk of your private photos being leaked

The need for using photo encryption platforms for photo sharing is even higher in these scenarios so that your photos are secured in a photo vault. Unencrypted photos can be used in leaks or for your profiling.

Photo privacy products protect your photos using secret keys which only you have access to, thus reducing the possibility of photo leaks.

May 23, 2021

Social Media Cyber-bullying: Online Safety and Security Tips for Children, Teens and Young Adults

Before technology, bullying typically occurred at school and in your local neighborhoods. However, today children…

A screen with several social media icons such as instagram, yelp, facebook, twitter

This graphic is a great way to understand what is image-based bullying and what it actually means.

It focuses on an important point on how the community can help combat it and photo privacy can help ensure your private photos remain private.

May 23, 2021

Share This! Image based bullying. So not OK - Supre

The Office of the eSafety 2 Commissioner (basically the protector of all things online in Australia) tells us that…

A gray background with a yellow cartoon peach and pink leaves. This peach has a red banner on top saying censored.

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